A gentle, effective post-cleansing tonic designed to soothe, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Skin will appear clearer and more luminous without excess shine. EvaPore-8 (see what they did there?) is suitable for oily skin, enlarged pores, and blemished skin.

EvaPore-8 post-cleansing tonic


    • Gentle pore-refining tonic
    • Reduces excess oil flow and shine
    • Ideal for oily skin and enlarged pores


    Apply 3 pumps to a cotton pad and wipe firmly across oily areas and enlarged pores.


    1. Cleanse AM/ PM
    2. EvaPore-8 AM/ PM
    3. Active serums AM/PM
    4. Eye care AM/ PM
    5. Moisturise AM/ PM
    6. Solar Protection AM


    Barosma betulina leaf extract: Shown to inhibit sebocyte differentiation and decrease lipogenesis (oil production) by the oil gland. Decreased sebum in turn refines pores and provides a matte look to the skin.

    Lycopene (hydrolysed tomato skin): To neutralise free radical damage and minimise ageing and cell destruction.

    Aloe vera: A powerful anti-inflammatory that promotes healing and moisturises skin.

    Sodium PCA: A humectant and powerful skin hydrator.

    Witch hazel: A natural astringent that reduces inflammation, sanitises skin, aids hydration and stabilises barrier function of the skin.